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Before you try and contact H-G-D, here's something you should know:

H-G-D started with Geefwee Boedoe sitting alone in his "spare bedroom studio", writing, drawing and using his one computer to make a short personal independent film, "Let's Pollute". Along the way, he was fortunate to collaborate with a small group of professionals within the film community, including Tim Crawfurd, Torbin Bullock, Christopher Barnett, and Joel Bloom, who all volunteered their time and talents to the project.

Currently H-G-D is much the same, it is really not a studio in the traditional sense. There is no secretary. There is no staff. There is no money. Making these films takes an extra long time because they are done in-between paying gigs.

For this reason, please be patient and browse the F.A.Q.s before contacting. Thanks.


Q: Can I buy a copy of "Let's Pollute"?

A: Available on iTunes, and in DVD compilation "The Animation Show of Shows" disc #50

Q: Why isn't there an individual "Let's Pollute" DVD?

A: It is wasteful and cost prohibitive to produce a commercially available DVD for such a short film. However, the grand sceme is to wait until all three H-G-D films are finished, then release them together on one deluxe DVD (or another format) that would also include tons O' extras such as behind the scenes, gallery, commentary, etc.

Q: Can I screen "Let's Pollute" at my Film Fest, Non-Profit, or educational event? How much will it cost?

A: YES! A requested donation of $50 – $250 would be appreciated. This is a sliding scale based on the size and budget of your screening (waivers will be granted on an individual basis)

Q: I want to screen "Let's Pollute", but what format is it in?

A: "Let's Pollute" is in the following formats: DCP, HDCam, HD QuickTimes (ProRez & h.264), and standard DVD. (there are no 35mm prints)

Q: Can I see or screen "Peace is for Sissies" or "Try Ignorance"?

A: Not yet. "Let's Pollute" is the only one completed.

Q: When will the other films be finished?

A: "Peace is for Sissies" will hopefully be finished in the Spring of 2014. It's harder to predict "Try Ignorance" but we'll shoot for late 2015.

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